Today i will talk about my favorite K- pop idols !!

I will introduce you guys about seventeen.
There are13 people in this group. There are 3groups like vocal team,
 performence team and hip pop team.


there are many people in this group so they make there own dance,
and they write there lyrics and the melody. seventeen is a tipical group. the reason why i like seventeen is that they don't show off and they are so kind.

different culture

Hi !!
i'm back !!

today i'll talking about SAPA in vietnam.
What i felt in Vietnam was that Vietnam`s culture and
traditional clothes were different form my culture.

L knew that Vietnam`s farm and
the way would be different with Korea.

For exemple, most of our country`s farms have mostly flat surface,

but in farn in Vietnam is terraced.

To me that was the most marvelous thing in Sapa.

Thanks :)

About Me

Nice to meet you everyone !!
I am living in Hanoi. I am 15 years old. and my younger sister is 12 years old. I have mom, dad, and  sister. I am going to Korean international school in Hanoi. I like Korean k-pop music like...

very nice, last dance. I like Korean drams too!!
example goblin :)